Shortcode If/Then Based on Dates

Hello! I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted – and I don’t even have a good excuse to give you. Honestly I just haven’t been motivated to post anything, but that’s all changed today.

The other day I stumbled upon custom shortcode that allows you to have a simple IF-THEN block, so I decided to modify it to use a date range for the condition. Here it is:

/* To use the IF shortcode:
 *  [if lowerdate="2022-11-25 07:00:00" upperdate="2022-11-25 09:00:00"]
 *   shortcode or text if true goes here
 *  [else]
 *   shortcode or text if false goes here
 *  [/if]
function if_statement($atts, $content) {
    if (empty($atts)) return '';
    $a = shortcode_atts( array(
        'lowerdate' => '2022-11-24 08:00:00',
        'upperdate' => '2022-11-26 08:00:00',
    ), $atts);
    // Validate lowerdate and upperdate
    if (DateTime::createFromFormat('Y-m-d H:i:s', $a['lowerdate']) == false) return '';
    if (DateTime::createFromFormat('Y-m-d H:i:s', $a['upperdate']) == false) return '';
    $tzstring = get_option( 'timezone_string' );
    $currentDate = current_datetime();
    $lowerDate = new DateTime($a['lowerdate'], new DateTimeZone($tzstring));
    $upperDate = new DateTime($a['upperdate'], new DateTimeZone($tzstring));
    if (($currentDate > $lowerDate) && ($currentDate < $upperDate)){
        $condition = true;
    } else {
        $condition = false;

    $else = '[else]';
    if (strpos($content, $else) !== false) {
        list($if, $else) = explode($else, $content, 2);
    } else {
        $if = $content;
        $else = "";

    return do_shortcode($condition ? $if : $else);

// register shortcode
add_shortcode('if', 'if_statement');

It’s pretty simple to use. Just create a new shortcode block like this:

[if lowerdate="2022-11-26 07:00:00" upperdate="2022-11-27 07:00:00"]
  Do this if the current date is between lowerdate and upperdate
  Do something else if it's not in the range

You can also execute shortcode inside the if block We use the Woo Discount Rules plugin, so it’s nice to only show a sale when it’s running.

[if lowerdate="2022-11-26 00:00:00" upperdate="2022-11-26 08:00:00"]
  [awdr_sale_items_list columns="4" per_page="4"]

I hope this is helpful. Thanks for visiting!

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