A Slight Rebranding

Hello there. It’s been a while since I updated the website – my apologies. Here’s a quick note on the latest website info and why a did a slight rebranding into David Kazebeer, Live Video Guy.

My Channel…It’s Boring

The other day I was looking at my YouTube page and boy, it’s pretty barren. There was also no customization going on over there, mainly because I never do anything with it and I’ve only uploaded a few videos over the years. I figured it was time to at least give it a proper name.

A Slight Rebanding Time?

So, off I went to Canva to make a logo and come up with a name. After a quick search for “camera” on Canva I found an image that I liked. Of course, that’s the easy part. But a logo needs a name, right? That took a bit longer to figure out, but then it hit me: I’m just a live video guy, so why not call it David Kazebeer, Live Video Guy!

And so, from now on my YouTube channel has a slight rebranding to David Kazebeer, Live Video Guy…and so does this blog.

Maybe that will get me to post more stuff…. In the meantime, enjoy my blog post about my video setup!

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